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15 April 2018
We are in awe of our partner TUSIAD’s work and how this trailblazer NGO is paving the way for the business-government dialogue for a  future-ready  Turkey. So when it was time to learn about the Coordinating with Others competency, we were delighted to hold our CampusWIN Academy Day at TUSIAD’s headquarters in Istanbul. The day's  sc...
02 April 2018
If you are following our CampusWIN Academy Days, you already know that we are obsessed with the World Economic Forum’s skills guide (see below). Each month we learn deeply about a skill set and meet amazing leaders who have mastered this skill.  This month we took a break to look inward. We had many questions: How do we do? How do we work as a...
31 March 2018
We started the new year with a wonderful event on January 10th. We hosted our bi-annual Mentor Appreciation Day with Cansen Basaran-Symes, Chief of the Board at Allianz Turkey at Perili Köşk. We would like to thank Cansen Basaran-Symes for sharing her career tips and Borusan Holding for hosting us. The cozy roundtable discussion was lovely and live...
28 March 2018
On March 28 th , we hosted a Learning Circle in Izmir on “Awareness on Gender Equality and Social Unity” with four incredible women. Our speakers not only came from different areas of expertise but also brought different viewpoints of their generations. Our first speaker was Prof. Dr. Solmaz Zelyut, Women's Studies & Philosophy Department at Eg...
23 March 2018
How much do you idealize being a perfect parent? How do you feel when trying to get the work and family balance? Frustration, guilt, managing expectations of the bigger family - does that sound familiar? We enjoyed a wholehearted conversation on parenting tips and dares that saves you time and worry. This learning circle was curated by Aslı Üner Di...
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