Catherine Jaffee | Oh Honey! A New Look at Sustainable Development

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About This Talk
Cat Jaffee grew up loving the wilderness, and her journey from a rural Colorado to Kars, Turkey is an interesting and inspiring one.

Catherine Jaffee

Dir.Comm.and Unreasonable Group

Cat Jaffee's passion for all things organic led her to beekeeping, which has since blossomed into Balyolu: a full-fledged social entrepreneurship program that is training, empowering, and telling the stories of women in organic bee keeping. In 2011 Cat Jaffee founded Balyolu, a social business that trains and works with women beekeepers to sustain, grow, and launch small-scale rural enterprise.As a National Geographic Young Explorer In 2012, Catherine, traveled more than 6,000 km along former Silk Road trade routes in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia to map historic honey traditions and modern honey corruption in an effort to turn honey into an agent for social good. Currently Catherine became communications and branding director of Unreasonable Group.
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