Aylin Nazlıaka | The Making of a Politician

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Aylin Nazlıaka was fortunate to recognize early on that no matter what career she pursued, she wanted to touch people’s lives in some way. As a member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Nazlıaka encountered many crossroads in her life.

Aylin Nazlıaka


Aylin Nazlıaka, as a member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,encountered many crossroads in her life and embodies independence and evolution through life’s journey. It is good to have an end to journey toward, she says, but it is the journey that matters. At age 24, Aylin Nazlıaka established HRM Consulting, one of the most reputable human resources consultancy companies in Turkey. She was elected to the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2011 and serves on the EU Commission of Compliance and EC-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Commission.
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