Elif Gungor Reis | An All-Natural, No-Chemicals-Added Entrepreneur

    What do you do when your plan for after college doesn’t work out and you can’t find a job? If you’re Elif Gungor Reis you keep going, make your own path – and become an inventor with the potential to change to world along the way.
    Elif Gungor Reis | An All-Natural, No-Chemicals-Added Entrepreneur

    Elif Gungor Reis


    Elif Gungor Reis has been a consultant engineer at a company dealing with food additives trade since 2007. In 2011, she received support from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for her master’s thesis entitled “Natural Antibacterial from Egg Shell” which was the first project about food preservatives in Turkey and in the world. After this success, she received grants from TUBITAK to develop a product from her research and began small-scale production. She is the 2014 winner of the special Monitise prize of 50 000TL from the ITU Core Big Bang Competition. Gungor Reis studied oil gas engineering at Istanbul Technical University and received her master’s degree in chemical engineering from Istanbul University. She is currently a doctoral student in chemical engineering program at Istanbul University.
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