Esra Dogramaci | How to Get What you Want

    What do you do when your high school hockey coach in Australia won’t let you play with the boys anymore? If you’re Esra Dogramaci, you move to Canada. Esra has a life-long track record of striding towards what she wants with purpose and boldness
    Esra Dogramaci | How to Get What you Want

    Esra Doğramacı

    Digital Consultant at BBC

    Esra Dogramaci is a digital consultant at BBC World Service. Described by a senior BBC Editor as a 'social media thoroughbred', she lives and breathes digital (and did so, even before it was cool). With a background in politics and international affairs, she works across news and current affairs, especially how they relate to a digital, younger, international audience. Her recent focus has been leading a team that looks after 20 different language YouTube channels, and she has been leveraging that experience for video across other social platforms. Previously, she was a new media analyst at Al Jazeera in Qatar and Turkey, and even prior to that, at UNICEF Turkey and UN headquarters, working in communications. She has received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, M.S. in International Affairs and Public Policy from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, and M.S. in Politics & Communication from the London School of Economics, as a Chevening Scholar. She is also a former national athlete, having represented Australia in ice hockey.
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