Melek Pulatkonak | The Story of TurkishWIN

    Here’s how it all got started. Melek Pulatkonak, the Founder and Curator of TurkishWIN, shares her big idea about a network that connects 10,000 women with personal, professional and family ties to Turkey.
    Melek Pulatkonak | The Story of TurkishWIN

    Melek Pulatkonak

    Founder of Turkishwin and BinYaprak

    Prior to founding TurkishWIN, Melek Pulatkonak worked in the Emerging Business Team at Microsoft in Istanbul, as the President & COO of technology company Hakia, and as an Associate Partner at venture capital firm Star Venture Group. She has also served as the Advisor to the Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and a Research Associate at the New York Stock Exchange.
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