Sema Yakar | Değişim Senle Başlar!

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    Kalıpların, beklentilerin içinde hapsolmuştum, diyor Sema Yakar. Kendini tanıma hikayesinde içinizdeki soruların cevabını bulacaksınız.
    Sema Yakar | Değişim Senle Başlar!

    Sema Yakar

    Founder of LİSTAG

    Sema Yakar is the founder and volunteer of LİSTAG, a group for the families of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgenders in İstanbul. She is married and has two children. Prior to her current pioneering work, she was a vounteer for the Society for the Protection of Children, Karamürsel School of Deaf and Dumb and Street Children Hope Association.Her unconditional love for her son led the way for her to become an LBGT activist.
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