Sedef Köktentürk | Olympic Dreams That Don’t Die

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    Sometimes childhood dreams don’t die, they just are waiting to be rediscovered. Windsurfing as a teenager in Bodrum, Sedef Koktenturk dreamed of being an Olympian – 15 years later she got her chance.
    Sedef Köktentürk | Olympic Dreams That Don’t Die

    Sedef Köktentürk

    Investment Advisor, Olimpian

    Sedef Köktentürk's story of what it takes to reach the Olympics, the thrill of competition and the magic of walking into an Olympic Stadium full of cheering fans from around the world is sure to inspire you to reflect on your own dreams. Sedef Koktenturk is an investment advisor and a 2008 Olympian. She now works at the Goldman Sachs in London
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