Refika Birgül | Cooking New Istanbul Style

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    Refika Birgül is bold in the kitchen. She dreams up and brings to life recipes that highlight the best of classic Turkish cooking techniques and ingredients while adding her own contemporary twist.
    Refika Birgül | Cooking New Istanbul Style

    Refika Birgül

    TV Programmer

    Guru of the contemporary Turkish kitchen was not originally where Birgül’s career was taking her, but sometimes, she says, dreams come true in unanticipated ways. Birgül’s story will leave you inspired… and the recipes at the end of her talk will leave you hungry! Refika Birgül published her cookbook Cooking New Istanbul Style in 2011 and quickly became a household name. The book was followed by a newspaper column and then a TV show which quickly became one of Turkey's most watched programs.
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