Özlem Feride Çöplü | 43 Yaşında Annelik Yolculuğu

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    Özlem Feride Çöplü is a seasoned business professional.She takes us through her journey from a single professional to a mother of a young boy, by adoption, when she was 43.
    Özlem Feride Çöplü | 43 Yaşında Annelik Yolculuğu

    Özlem Feride Çöplü

    Management and Sales Consultant

    After a successful career at different roles in different insurance companies for 29 years, Özlem Çöplü recently retired. Currently, Ozlem works as a freelance management and sales consultant. She adopted a boy as a single woman when she was 43. Nowadays, her most challenging job is supporting and coaching her son for his home works. A graduate of Istanbul University, Ozlem is an avid photographer.
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