İdil Elveriş | Going to Prison for a Good Cause

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    Elveriş’ story, passionately told, is one of reaching out and building trust with the skeptics that have surrounded her every step of the way. Her surprise-filled story and heart-felt call to action will leave you ready to go out and start.
    İdil Elveriş | Going to Prison for a Good Cause

    İdil Elveriş

    Associate Professor at Bilgi University

    İdil Elveriş, PhD is a legal consultant and attorney who has practiced in jurisdictions including New York, Kosovo, Britain and Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul University’s School of Law in 1996 and earned her LLM in 1998 from Tulane University. In 2003, she joined Istanbul Bilgi University and pioneered legal clinics in Turkey and established a pro bono clearing house at Istanbul Bilgi University. She obtained her PhD in 2012 from Istanbul Bilgi University’s School of Political Science. Her areas of interest and teaching include the legal profession, law and politics, as well as access to justice and corrections. She is a certified mediator and is running a community mediation program in Beşiktaş.
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