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Do we have a checklist for mentors? I can use one!

Yes, we do! 

  • Read the mentoring guideline!

  • Make sure your mentoring meetings take place within the framework of the EMCC Global Ethics Code.

  • Add "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." to your safe list to receive our program emails in a timely way.

  • Be prepared for your first meeting and think about how you will present yourself to your mentee.

  • Communicate your expectations to your mentee. What would you like to accomplish? What is your mentoring objective?

  • Learn your mentee's expectations from you and the mentoring relationship.

  • Your mentee is in the driver's seat of this relationship. But if you feel she needs guidance, please step in and contribute to the flow.

  • If your mentee has questions about the mentoring journey or milestones, you are her first stop for answers. Please guide her.

  • Discuss your relationship's confidentiality principles with your mentee. Assure her that you will not share any information from your meetings with anyone without her permission.

  • Make sure you are on time and fully present at your scheduled meetings. If you need to make changes, inform your mentee, explain the reason and propose a new date.

  • Discuss and execute your mentoring agreement in your first meeting with your mentee.

  • Remind your mentee that she is responsible for her development during this mentoring relationship and it is important to come to the meetings with the agenda.

  • Encourage her to question her current situation and the targeted one. Make her think with your questions and reflections.

  • Share the fact that it is extremely important to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses for being able to improve.

  • You may need to give examples from your own experiences. Be prepared to share:-)

  • At the beginning of each conversation, follow up the actions taken from the previous meeting, but do not make her feel she is reporting to you. No judgments please:-) “Where are you regarding that? What went well? Where did you have difficulties? What do you need?" You can follow up with questions like these.

  • At the beginning of each meeting, turn the agenda of your mentee into a clear meeting goal. "What do you want to achieve in this meeting?

  • Avoid teaching or giving advice and direction; Try to listen, ask, encourage and guide.

  • Notice, reflect, and appreciate her progress and strengths.

  • Make sure you are not the one who speaks more in the session.

  • At the end of the meeting, ask her to clarify the first step she will take to reach her goal after the meeting.

  • Make sure you set the date for the next meeting; This is your mentee's responsibility but a gentle reminder always works.

  • Throughout your mentoring relationship, behave in accordance with the agreement regarding each other's boundaries.

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