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How can I reflect on my mentoring journey as a mentor?

You are a rockstar and an investor in another woman's career development. Thank you for participating in our mentoring program as a mentor.

We would love for you to stop and reflect from time to time as this journey is a learning and development journey for you as well. We invite you to reflect on these questions:

  • Am I a good listener? Do I actively listen to my mentee?
  • Do I ask open-ended questions? How often do I use my questions to make her think? Do I ask questions that hint at my judgment and what I am thinking?
  • Am I open to receiving feedback? How do I give feedback?
  • Is my feedback constructive? Do I use nonviolent communication techniques?
  • Do I recognize others and acknowledge their accomplishments? Do I recognize others' strengths and praise that? How is my communication language in giving my acknowledgments? Am I aware of my own achievements? Do I recognize and praise my own achievements?

Mentors are gatekeepers in keeping a safe and trusted space for the mentoring relationship to deepen and flourish. When in doubt, always be on the conservative side to maintain confidentiality.

And... you are awesome! Never forget that-)

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