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How can I make the most of my membership?

There are several ways you can engage with our network one you become a member:

  1. Join our circle networks: We have industry specific circles as well as location based circles. Currently we have 10+ industry specific circles and 7 active location circles.

  2. Attend our events: We organize about 25+ events every year, there is something for everyone! Take a look at our events at this page and join us at one.

  3. Take advantage of the Learning Center: Our Learning Center is home to book recommendations, inspirational videos, recordings of past events.

  4. Join our mentoring program as a mentor, mentee or both! 

  5. Enroll in one of our courses: We are getting ready to launch our very own courses. Enroll in one that you’re interested in and expand your knowledge. Each course is supported by 4 events with industry leaders as well as a brand new networking circle!

We keep creative new ways for you to benefit from your membership. Make sure you’re checking your emails for new opportunities!

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