Eser Selen | Performance Art as Feminist Discourse

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    Eser Selen was born into a family immersed in art, so it only felt natural for her to follow the same path. As a young student, she realized the potential for performance to address the pressing issues that women confront in the world.
    Eser Selen | Performance Art as Feminist Discourse

    Eser Selen

    Asst. Proffesor at Kadir Has University

    Now, Selen continues her journey as an artist, educator, and feminist. Here she talks about the power of an image, interacting with her audience, and wanting to make a difference with her art. Eser Selen is a multidisciplinary artist. She has exhibited, performed and presented installations, performances, and seminars internationally. She currently is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Design Department at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, Turkey.
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