Derya Akalın Uysal | Lessons from Life’s Toughest Times

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    When bad things happen, says Derya Akalin Uysal, it’s like the universe poking you with a big stick and telling you that you must learn something. With candor, courage and a healthy dash of humor, Uysal opens up about the lessons she has learned.
    Derya Akalın Uysal | Lessons from Life’s Toughest Times

    Derya Akalın Uysal

    Founder of Etudist

    Derya Akalin Uysal became the Executive Director of The Özyegin Foundation in 1999 at age 27. Two years later she became the general manager of ACEV. She lead both foundations for almost a decade before taking a break from her career in 2010 to become a mom of two headstrong girls, adjust to her new roles as wife and mom and survive Thyroid cancer.Currently she found Etudist,a training and consulting firm based in Istanbul which specializes in customized personal and professional development programs in English for adults.
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