How did we come up with Sisterhood WOL circles?

WOL is John Stepper’s idea! Our WOL journey started when we have partnered with WOL Turkey and contributed to the translation of the WOL guidelines to Turkish in 2018. In Spring of 2020, we reached out to Sebnem Maier, WOL Turkey Lead, and Burcu Çakın, Founder and Faculty Leader of the Coming to Your Own Turkey (CIYO) to get our circles live! CIYO is one of our sister networks. For those who do not know Burcu Çakın (MoonLight Mountain Lion), she is a heart opener, mind shifter, - you may ask about her spirit name. A special thanks go to our first TurkishWIN circle participants, Ciğdem Penn, Gizem Biçen, Burcu, Melek, Şebnem who are shaping our thinking.

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