Dell is partnering with TurkishWIN to Support Women Entrepreneurs

In partnership with TurkishWIN, Dell's new initiative, Pay it Forward, gathered female business leaders in İstanbul. Pay it Forward aims to help female entrepreneurs improve their access to information, technology, capital and networks. Read the full article here.

TurkishWIN Connects Professional Women with Ties to Turkey

Erin Risner tells the story behind TurkishWIN, explaining why Melek Pulatkonak decided to create a platform that connects professional women with ties to Turkey. Read the full article here.

If Plan A Doesn’t Work, There Will Be a Better Plan

Rania Habiby Anderson's interview with TurkishWIN founder Melek Pulatkonak. Learn about how Pulatkonak started her career and founded TurkishWIN in 2010. Read the full article and Melek's insipiring story here.

All Women Need to Lean In, Including Women in Turkey

Senay Ataselim-Yilmaz mentions a powerful TurkishWINTalk in her Huffington post article. She says women from all around the world need to lean in, including women in Turkey. Read the full article here.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds and TurkishWIN partner to empower Turkish women and girls

Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) and the Turkish Women’s International Network (TurkishWIN) today announced a partnership to support Turkish women and girls’ education in Turkey.

Meet Istanbul’s Heroines

How Melek Pulatkonak and Nilüfer Durak met in New York in the 1990s and ended up establishing an international network for Turkish women decades later. Read more at

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