We are kicking off a discovery series, "Kendi Kendine," with Studio-X Istanbul to find out how neighborhoods are evolving in Turkey. As we ask the question, "Mahalle "kendi kendine" neler yapar?", we will discover the role of women and men in transforming neighborhoods. The first event will take place this Thursday, February 12th at 18:00 at Studio... Continue reading
We have partnered with Arya Women Investment Platform to organize joint events for women entrepreneurs.Arya exists to leverage an network of investors, business people and entrepreneurs who invest to accelerate women led entrepreneurship. You can watch the TurkishWIN Talk of Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter, the Founder of Arya, to learn more about this exc... Continue reading
The Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution, MasterCard Turkey and TurkishWIN partnered for EvinHesapUzmanıKadın Project (Women: Home Finance Masters) to empower women with financial literacy and positive social security rights education. We are thrilled to work with The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER) as our f... Continue reading
Özel sektörde kadın istihdamını ve liderliğini artırmak üzere çalışan tüm kurumsal liderlerin, kendi aralarında fikir ve deneyim paylaşımında bulunmalarını sağlayarak bu konuda farkındalık yaratmayı hedefleyen “Kadın Liderlik Platformu”, ilk etkinliğini 26 Şubat’ta İstanbul’da KAGİDER Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi Esra Tekil, UPS Tü... Continue reading
TurkishWINners met with celebrity Chef Semen Öner and Begüm Ozgür from Google. The pair teamed for an event that asked the question "How do you broadcast your passion to the world?" They talked about one particular passion-empowering channel: YouTube.Semen shared with TurkishWINners just how YouTube has enabled her to share her tasty treats with th... Continue reading

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