Starting from Scratch in London

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How hard is it to start from scratch? Isn’t it beautiful to change the game and redefine yourself?TurkishWIN@London co-hosted the “Starting from Scrat...

How hard is it to start from scratch? Isn’t it beautiful to change the game and redefine yourself?

TurkishWIN@London co-hosted the “Starting from Scratch” event with EY Turkic Network on May 15, 2018.  It was a lovely spring day in London and despite the beautiful weather the room was full. Participants were from EY, TurkishWIN@London network and London CampusWINners.   

Our moderator, Aynur Taskan from EY, introduced the theme for the event and our speakers, who were all from different backgrounds. Esin Cittone, a creative director and a big time traveler, told us her story with a slingshot, plastic dinosaur, folded piece of paper and deck of cards. She said “Don’t fear the change. Never look back and always look forward”.  Jane Musyoki, a Director in the Financial Accounting Advisory Services at EY, told us how she moved from Kenya to London and noted “we need mentors to help us, challenge us and tell us where we did terribly wrong. Eventually they will cheer for you when you leave the meeting room”. A newbie to London Pelin Opcin, the new director of London Jazz Festival, said “I see being a newbie as an advantage. I can be blunt, ask the “stupid question” and also benefit from others’ experiences.”

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There was a lively panel discussion led by Aynur Taskan, which was followed by Q&A.  Afterwards, TurkishWINners and EY attendees had a chance to mingle until we were kicked-out of the venue. But the party did not end there. We had dinner and more drinks together after the event.

A big thank you to EY and TurkishWIN teams for this event. It was really inspirational to listen to three amazing women.

“You may be late to the party,but grab a drink and join the crowd. There will always be someone to lend a hand to you.”  


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