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MentorWIN Updates

Vow, we now have over 500 mentoring matches. Thank you for your contribution and generosity. To make our process as seamless as it can be we have a new system in development! Did you notice the mentor tag in the network? Stay tuned for updates.

MentorWIN Appreciation Day with Leyla Alaton
TurkishWIN mentors gather twice a year for sharing and inspiration. It is also a precious gathering for us to thank our mentors. This year, upon popular request, our Mentor Appreciation Day guest is Leyla Alaton! Stay tuned for the invitation. This event is for mentors-only.

Sharing is Caring
We are the thrilled guru of the "mentoring journey" at BinYaprak.com, our sister network. For tips, videos and articles, you can follow us here. You can always follow our MentorWIN updates in the TurkishWIN Blog at this link. Buckle up for 2019's first MentorWIN event, Skill Building with Meltem Şakarcan, Co-Founder of Eternal Coaching and Mentoring Academy and CEO of PDR Group on Self-leadership. The event will take place at 19:00 on January 16th. Please RSVP here!

Giving Thanks
We thank our rock star MentorWIN intern Öykü Yağmur Açık for all of her hard work and dedication. We adore you!

Sharing Corner
"The most important thing is that the past 6 months had been an inspiring and welcoming journey. I had the opportunity to learn what I should and shouldn't do throughout my career transformation process. All the dreams I had about my career are now my reality." Tuğba Demirkaya, Hikaye Mıknatısı at BinYaprak

Food For Thought
Laurence Bradford from Forbes claims that the right mentor can provide advise and connections that help their mentee reached heights that would be impossible alone. Read along here to get 8 tips for an amazing mentoring relationship.

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