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We have celebrated Women's Day on campus with TurkishWIN Career Day on Saturday, March 7th. We had 17 speakers and an amazing full-day program! 50 you... Continue reading
Today, the first group of mentors and mentees sponsored under the "Finance and Advice for Women in Business Programme" gathered in Ankara in celebrati... Continue reading
We are kicking off a discovery series, "Kendi Kendine," with Studio-X Istanbul to find out how neighborhoods are evolving in Turkey. As we ask the que... Continue reading
We have partnered with Arya Women Investment Platform to organize joint events for women entrepreneurs.Arya exists to leverage an network of investors... Continue reading
Last but not least, we would like to share with you an update on our collaboration with TUSIAD, our TUSIAD Ne Okusam Ne Olsam co-curated project. This... Continue reading
Özel sektörde kadın istihdamını ve liderliğini artırmak üzere çalışan tüm kurumsal liderlerin, kendi aralarında fikir ve deneyim paylaşımınd... Continue reading

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