What is ‘Networking’ really? After discussing what networking really is and why we do it,TurkishWIN member Emek Meral Gizem shared a few hints on how to get started and connect with other effectively and authentically.

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International product manager Sami Hadid introduced TurkishWINners to the emerging technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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Vodafone Senior HR Manager Ezgi Aydın shared the tips and tricks on how to determine goals and make them true. In her workshop, she talked about how we can set meaningful goals in our careers, how we can prioritise and leverage our support networks.  We thank Vodafone for hosting this event.  Continue reading
Founder of TurkishWIN and BinYaprak, Melek Pulatkonak was in New York City to share the updates on the two sisterhood networks with New York TurkishWINners at The Marmara Park Avenue on May 16.  Continue reading

TurkishWINners interested in luxury marketing, luxury brand management and luxury goods joined us for a Leaning Circle with Armaggan CEO Ebru Karacam entitled “A New Definition of Luxury.”

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TurkishWINners enjoyed a leaning circle by Lİfeco team members. Feeling of burn out affects our productivity levels and drains us of energy, happiness and peace.

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We are thrilled and excited to announce that our sisterhood network expands to İzmir as we launch our 10th chapter. We now, connecting amazing women in Izmir. We already have 4 amazing CampusWINners from Dokuz Eylül University and Ege University. We thank our speakers for their support at our inaugural event in Izmir: Damla Birol, CEO, Turk Tuborg-... Continue reading
TurkishWIN@London members were invited to a panel on the acclaimed Turkish artist Fahrelnissa Zeid at Sotheby's. Elif Bayoglu from Sotheby's introduced the topic and Adila Laidi-Hanieh, an important art historian and scholar who has written Zeid's biography, talked on Zeid's life and art. This was a wonderful opportunity to lear... Continue reading
TurkishWIN@San Francisco has proudly marked their final speaker event before the summer break! Our incredible speakers, Magdelena Yesil and Leyla Seka, gave a candid talk on their journeys to success. Thanks to our Venue Partner T-Jump ODTÜ Teknokent Turkish Startup Network for help us host such a great event.  Continue reading

TurkishWINners joined TurkishWIN Talk "Change" on April 11th at Kale Holding and had a night full of inspiration & new ideas!

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