CEOs must keep raising their game—and having their thinking usefully challenged—for the good of their organizations. They must routinely make decisions concerning matters they’ve never before tackled. When have they ever had to spearhead a takeover—or defend against one? Resolve a crisis as the public face of the company? Deal with a board of power... Continue reading
Sisterhood inspiration is on the stage! Previous CampusWIN leader, new TurkishWIN member Sezen Balibeyo?lu made a skype session which is exclusive for CampusWIN program. Sezen Balibeyoglu who has graduated from METU as a campus leader of Turkishwin  and currently works in Unilever as a Customer Development Operations Specialist. She now, give ... Continue reading
Employees thrive when leaders take a genuine interest in each individual, providing honest feedback, opportunities for development and supporting their growth. These behaviours are synonymous with mentoring. Leaders who use mentoring skills are essential to employee engagement, retaining and developing talent, and aligning and supporting employee's... Continue reading
CampusWIN committee leaders off their first "A Cup of Learning" monthly review session of the year on January 23rd. Heavy weather conditions could not prevent our dedicated committee leaders and members from coming together. Each committee reported its progress and plans for next month. Our CampusWIN leaders have no boarders -- they come from all a... Continue reading
11 Subat 2016 Persembe günü Kadin Liderlik Platformu Zirvesi Istanbul Sofa Hotel’de yapildi. Kadin istihdami ve liderliginin artmasi için, kadin konusunun farkli açilardan ele alindigi zirvede, kadin konusunda farkli bakis açilari paylasildi. KLP paylasimlari, kaynaklari ve daha fazla bilgi için: #KadinLid... Continue reading
How important is mentorship for business owners? Incredibly, according to research, having a wise head with whom you can talk through the ups and downs of your business has been shown to double your chances of success. However finding a mentor isn't enough. You should ask smart questions to get what you want from that mentor. Click here to rea... Continue reading
Idea Bakery founder and & Idea Master Chef Serfinaz Altun shared her incredible experience at TurkishWIN LearningCircle "Funspiration"at February 19th. TurkishWINners inspired by Idea Bakery’s learnings from the biggest creativity festival in the World, Cannes Lions in 2015. Continue reading
On February 24, TurkishWINners gathered for the first TurkishWIN Talk of 2016: Ups and Downs! Our inspiring speakers shared their "Ups and Downs" stories at Borusan Oto Istinye. From entrepreneurship to academia, from culinary arts to chemical industry TurkishWIN@Istanbul hosted five great story tellers.  Continue reading
“O yaparsa ben de yaparim” sloganiyla yola çikan TurkishWIN ikinci kez Türkiye’nin ilk ve tek kadin odakli kariyer gününü düzenledi.  Alarko Holding Yönetim Kurulu üyesi Leyla Alaton, Young and Rubicom Ajans Baskani Arzu Ünal, Haber Spikeri Jülide Ates gibi alaninda uzman kadin ve erkeklerin basari hikayelerini anlattigi etkinlige yüzlerce pro... Continue reading
Gen Ys currently making up a major percentage of the workforce and like any new generation, they bring new ideas, needs. In this learning circle with CoachZone Founder Burcu Yalman, we 've learned the differences between the generations, their needs and motivations and how to overcome the challenges that are brought up with the new generations. Continue reading

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