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TurkishWIN@NY Learning Circle: 'Cutting Edge Leadership'

On February 13th, we hosted a Learning Circle in New York on "Cutting Edge Leadership to Thrive in the Future" with Ozlem Brooke Erol, an innovative woman who is no stranger to starting her own business.

Participants learned how to win and lead the way in our 21st-century workforce. Values, purpose, and passion are becoming the differentiating factors both for professionals and organizations. Therefore, companies who are more purposeful will be the most successful with passionate employees. When we align our purpose and express it through our job, we don’t feel like we are “working” anymore.

* Purpose and values - Progressive organizations focus on building a workplace around common purpose and values. Because having purpose and meaning gives people the energy, passion, and motivation to get out of bed in the morning.
* Self-management - Each member of the organization is personally responsible for forging their own personal relationships, planning their own work, coordinating their actions with other members, acquiring requisite resources to accomplish their mission, and for taking corrective action with respect to other members when needed.
* Leadership - We can all be leaders. It depends on us to choose what kind of leadership qualities we will develop.

Thank you to our speaker Ozlem Brooke Erol for an evening full of inspiration, and emphasizing why knowing our purpose and living it is more important now than ever.

Twitter: @BoErol1
Website: Purposeful Business
In the news: Why should CEOs, leaders, founders care about “purpose”?

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