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Personal Branding & Building Trust

Our TurkishWIN SF Chapter May event was a learning circle featuring Ipek Tunca, Director of Partnerships Marketing at Facebook on "Personal Branding & Building Trust". This interactive session helped convey the truth: we are the product

Key take aways from the workshop

  • You are More than a Bunch of Features- Highlight how you are unique, you are the product.
  • Feedback is a gift- Honor feedback but don't obsess over it
  • Risk taking - If your story is too perfect you haven't taken enough risks.
  • Do your homework - Create a marketing plan for your product = "you".
    • Ask people what 3 things comes to mind when they think about you
    • Create a marketing campaign based on what you want to be known for and what people already think about you.
    • Think of your target audience and ways you can repeat you message with "intention"

We hope everyone who attended enjoyed our time together and discussion. We look forward to seeing you at our future events. You can find more information about TurkishWIN on our web page, check out the membership benefits and join our sisterhood. We love it when our volunteer group grows if you want to become a volunteer for future events and help us build a community, reach out to our SF chapter leads; Suna Yeltekin Leloğlu and Özge Oktay Coşkunseda.  

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