TurkishWIN Campus Leaders and WIB Club members draw their career map with Seray Nasirli in this chapter of learning circle which is hosted by Umur Kirtasiye! Campuswinners follow Seray Nasirli to reach their inner voice and play with their career maps. CampusWINners made their career metaphore with multiple crayons in a creative way and share their... Continue reading
CampusWINners met with Aerospace Engineer and TurkishWINner Selda Heavner. The Learning Circle began with Selda Heavner's educational background and professional life. She amazed participants with her story which start with a dental education and how she decided to became an aerospace engineer. Ms. Heavner was responsible on power circuits of MAVEN... Continue reading
Our campus blog ‘’ is a CampusWIN invention that has grown and transformed into an influential, multi-university student platform. Campus Leaders create all of the content and designs for the blog. Now, Kampus Ses Ver is more user- friendly than ever! With its new interface and design, students have access to campus bulletins, inter... Continue reading
Employees thrive when leaders take a genuine interest in each individual, providing honest feedback, opportunities for development and supporting their growth. These behaviours are synonymous with mentoring. Leaders who use mentoring skills are essential to employee engagement, retaining and developing talent, and aligning and supporting employee's... Continue reading
Gen Ys currently making up a major percentage of the workforce and like any new generation, they bring new ideas, needs. In this learning circle with CoachZone Founder Burcu Yalman, we 've learned the differences between the generations, their needs and motivations and how to overcome the challenges that are brought up with the new generations. Continue reading

I get this question a lot: how did you come up with the idea of a sisterhood network? Why TurkishWIN? Why now? Why me? This is my story!  Continue reading

Kingsley Aikins interviews Melek Pulatkonak, the Founder of the Turkish International Network. Diaspora surely matters!   Continue reading
On June 15th at La Mancha Kurucesme, TurkishWIN friends and CampusWINners enjoyed getting together for a lively and idea-filled Happy Hour. They shared their latest stories and strengthened their network. More than that, they celebrated the graduation of campus leaders from different universities! The atmosphere was one of celebration and connectio... Continue reading
STEAMWIN, the latest industry-focused project of TurkishWIN, had its very first meeting on April 29th at Microsoft Turkey's Istanbul Office. Role models from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths fields inspired students, ICT professionals and academics through their short talks and workshops. The event included speed networking opportuni... Continue reading
On May 28th, campus leaders learned how to talk to horses at a CampusWIN Learninc Circle hosted by TurkishWINner and horsewhisperer Ilginay Göbüt Göksel! They enjoyed the beautiful outdoors in Yeniköy, Istanbul while sharpening their leadership skills and exploring their inner intuition through their communication with horses. You can take a look a... Continue reading

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