Welcome to the Turkish Women's International Network

The Turkish Women's International Network is a vibrant and global networking platform for women with family, cultural or professional ties to Turkey. Our members aspire to excel in their careers, inspire others and unleash the power of the TurkishWIN network.


We offer four platforms for inspiration, empowerment and continued networking: events, mentoring program, online interactions and TurkishWIN special initiatives.

Our shared values are generosity, transparency and curiosity. Would you like to join?


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Upcoming Events

TurkishWIN Learning Circle with Ufuk Tarhan

Apr 25, 2014
18:00 - 20:00
, Istanbul

Come along and listen to Ufuk Tarhan, futurist, strategist, business designer and business avatar. Ufuk will give you hints for a better future from the futuristic glance.The talk will be in Turkish.

This invitation is for members only. To save your spot, please follow TurkishWIN Eventbrite page.

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TurkishWIN Happy Tuesdays

May 06, 2014
18:30 - 20:30
, Istanbul

Come along and meet extraordinary TurkishWINners at Rocks Akaretler on the first Tuesday of every month.To save your spot, please follow TurkishWIN Evenbrite page.


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